Officers, Board of Directors, and Projects


Officers (Term Ends)

Co-President (2017)     Patti Lennon   

Co-President (2017)     Larry Martin              LMartin@echolakeassociation,net

Treasurer (2018)          Bill Mann                   BMann@echolakeassociation,net

Secretary (2019)          Susan Czerepak       Sczerepak@echolakeassociation,net


Directors (Term Ends)

Nancy Engels (2017)         Jean Wilson (2017)

Terry O’Brien (2018)           Keith Gee (2019)



Access Greeter Program                         Terry and Jean O’Brien

Vermont Invasive Patrollers Program     Peggy Stevens

Water Quality Control                               Pete Engels and Mike Vinton

COLOR Challenge Road Race                 Patti Lennon

Lake Wise                                                 Susan Czerepak

ELPA Family Picnic                                  Jean Wilson

Website                                                     Susan Czerepak

Community Outreach                              Jean Wilson

Membership                                            Jean Wilson, Nancy Engels, Bill Mann, Larry Martin, Ann Beams, Mark Beams,

                                                                  Tom Wagner, Ann Hunsicker, Steve Grafton, and Arvin Anderson