Annual Meeting 2014

JULY 26, 2014

1. Attendance: Thirty nine Association members were present including seven Board members (the full Board membership). The meeting was called to order by Tom Wagner at 10:05 AM.

2. Welcome: Tom Wagner, President, welcomed everyone in attendance and then presided over the meeting.

3. Treasurer’s Report: Bill Mann, Treasurer, distributed fiscal reports including: “Income/Expenses for 2014”, “Balance Sheet Information for year to date” and “Financial Highlights for 2014 YTD”. Bill reviewed the reports and noted that while grants have been received for this year, there is uncertainty regarding future grant awards. Acceptance of the reports was moved and seconded and unanimously approved.

4. Access Greeter Program: Maryanne O’Brien made a presentation noting that we are half way through the summer and have conducted 430 inspections versus 350 inspections last year at this time. We have 60 hours of paid greeters a week (three greeters working 20 hours a week each). There are 15 hours a week of volunteer time (Mondays and Tuesdays). She noted that more volunteers are needed. Volunteer hours are used as in-kind contribution for the grants. So far Echo is without invasive aquatic vegetation.

5. Lake Monitoring: Peggy Stevens reported that we are monitoring the lake for invasive species. Mostly the lake has big leaf pondweed and celery. Milfoil is the biggest concern and so far we do not have it in the lake. She is looking for more people to help with the monitoring. There are three “scopes” to help with the process. She asked that members contact her to volunteer to help.

6. Water Quality: Peter Engles reported that he and Mike Vinton monitor water quality by going out on the lake once a week and taking samples that are sent into the state for testing. They take the samples from June 1 to September 1. The lake has maintained a good water quality.

7. Vermont Electric Coop Tree Trimming: John Simsarian reported that he and Tom Wagner met with Jeremy Tinker, Utility Arborist, with the Vermont Electric Coop and with a representative of the contractor that will be cutting trees around the lake. Tom and John stressed the importance of cutting trees in an environmentally responsible manor. Mr. Tinker made assurances that they would be contacting landowners before cutting trees and that they would be careful by trying to minimize negative impact on shoreline stability.

8. Seymour Lake Association Law Suit: The ELPA Board met with representatives of the Seymour Lake Association to be briefed on the Law Suit. The Seymour Lake Association representatives indicated they were concerned about erosion and septic flooding and want the Seymour dam to be regulated dropping the water level in the fall in order to accommodate the Spring increase in water. Based on the information currently available, the ELPA Board did not believe regulating the Seymour dam would have a negative effect on Echo. The sense of those present at the Annual Meeting was that the Echo Lake water level was good with the current natural flow and that the ELPA should not support the suit.

9. By Laws Revision: Bill Mann presented a proposal from the Board of Directors to modify the By Laws regarding terms of membership on the Board. A handout explaining the proposal was distributed. The modification would assure staggered terms for Board membership and, therefore, improve continuity of Board membership. It was moved, seconded and voted on unanimously to approve the modification.

10. Election of Board Members and Officers: The following individuals were nominated to serve on the Board and/or to a term of office:
· Tom Wagner—fill a partial term of 1 year by exception to the By Laws and to serve as President. (Tom had already completed two 3 year terms on the Board.)
· Patti Lennon—to serve as Vice President.
· Bill Mann—to serve as Treasurer.
· Jeffery Fernandez—to serve as Secretary.
· Jean Wilson—to fill a three year term on the Board.
· Larry Martin—to fill a three year term on the Board.
· Ed Borden—to fill a partial term of one year on the Board.

The above slate of officers and new Board Members was moved, seconded and unanimously approved.

11. Other Business: Tom Wagner reported that the 501c3 filing for non-profit status would be filed on Monday, July 28. He indicated it may take 8 to 12 months for approval.

12. Guest Speaker on the Shoreline Protection Act: Amy Picotte from the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources provided handouts, an overview and answered questions regarding the Shoreline Protection Act. The Act was passed by the Vermont Legislature in the Spring of 2014 for implementation July 1 of this year. After the meeting adjourned she conducted a demonstration on how to implement the Vegetation Protection Standards.

13. Adjournment: It was moved, seconded and voted on to adjourn the meeting at 12:15 PM.

Submitted by: John Simsarian, Secretary, on August 13, 2014