Board Meeting 2013



Members Present:  Tom Wagner, President; Patti Lennon, Vice President; Bill Mann, Treasurer; John Simsarian, Secretary; Diane Anderson; Jeffrey Fernandez; Nancy Tessier; Mike Vinton; Carroll Silloway (arrived 1 and a half hours late)

1. Annual Meeting Minutes:  Unanimously approved as written.

2. Board Meeting Participation:  Board members should inform the President if they are unable to attend a Board meeting.  If vacancies on the Board occur, the Board will move to fill them.

3. Treasurer’s Report:  Bill Mann distributed financial statements for year to date.  $800 more has been spent this year than income to date.  Bill expects that the income and expenses for year will be about equal.  The Board approved the Treasurer’s report.  Patti will ask Maryanne to review expenses for greeters and help Bill reconcile records with Northwoods.

4. Greeter Program 2014:  It is projected that ELPA will be able to maintain the same number of hours for 2014, but concerned that will be a problem for the next year.  Echo is not adequately covered now for greeters.  The last day for greeters this year is September 15.  (This year Seymour Lake has had 22 milfoil identifications on boats/trailers and Echo has had two.)  There was a sense that there is a problem ending the greeters at the access at 6:00 PM.  It is busy form 6:00 to 10:00 AM and again from 2:00 to 6:00 PM.   A review will take place to consider modifying the hours of coverage with consideration for possibly extending hours into the evenings and cutting hours elsewhere.  Mike will contact the Vermont Secretary of Environmental Conservation to investigate if there are options for restoring the milfoil grant funding from the State.  Tom will collaborate with Seymour Lake Association to request a VIP training in the NEK so more people will be trained to be greeters and to do lakeshore monitoring.

5. Lake Wise Program:  The goal is to improve water quality by improving shoreland.  The State has set this program up to review property and if the property passes the criteria, a sign will be provided to the property owner to be displayed.  It is important to have an adequate buffer zone.  The hope is to have at least 15% of the properties certified.   So far 7 Echo Lake properties have been reviewed and 5 have passed.  Discussion took place about a seasonal cottage that has put up an outhouse.  The State has been asked to look into this issue.  It was reported that the State has indicated that it will review possibilities for helping the dairy farm on the lake minimize manure runoff into the lake and to develop a buffer zone.

6. Buffers for Blue Lakes:  This State program encourages property owners to plant blueberry bushes along the lakeshore.  The program provides some reimbursement to the property owner.  Several people on Echo are using the program.

7. Update on Web Site, 501c(3), Facebook:  The 501c(3) is almost completed and will be submitted soon.  The web site is under construction using the same people who did Lake Parker’s.  The cost is $300.  Maintaining this site should be easier.  So far the colors and layout have been chosen and content is under development by Tom.  There is an ELPA facebook site that is getting traffic.  As administrator Tom can see traffic counts that show how many people have looked at a post.

8. Future Meeting Dates:  January 18, 2014; June 14, 2014; July 26, 2014 Annual Meeting; August 30, 2014.  Except for the Annual Meeting, meeting times are 9:00 AM.

9. Other:  Patti asked about Committees.  After discussion, it was determined that there should be better definition of committee roles.  There should be further discussion regarding this issue.  The structure of committees for the Seymour Lake Association will be considered.  Bill asked about By Laws and thought there should be language on how members are rotated off the Board.  He will propose language to make the process more clear.  Jeffrey has access to a grant database.  He will look around to see if he can find other grants for which we might apply.

Meeting adjourned at 11:15 AM.

Submitted by John Simsarian, Secretary