Board Meeting Minutes May 2017

Board of Directors Meeting – May 27, 2017

Present: Patti Lennon, Larry Martin, Bill Mann, Terry O’Brien, Nancy Engels, Keith Gee, Susan Czerepak, and Jean Wilson (by phone)

Welcome: Patti

Patti called the meeting to order at 9:05.

Secretary’s Report: Susan Czerepak

Motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes of January 14, 2017. All in favor. Approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Bill Mann

Bill Mann submitted the Treasurer’s Report for the period ending May 27, 2017. The Report is appended at the end of these Minutes.

It was noted that since we are down a grant, half of the pay for greeters will have to come out of our general funds.

It was noted that the bill for Board liability insurance will come in and be due in June. Liability Insurance stays with The Cincinnati Insurance Company, but the new agent is Noyle W. Johnson, who has sponsored our Color Challenge for the past several years.

There was no update on the status of the independent audit, which the Board would like completed in this calendar year before Bill Mann’s term expires.

There was discussion about the greeter program. ELPA has informed NorthWoods that we will take on the responsibility of employing and handling payroll for the paid greeters. A new checking account has been created from which payroll will be made. Larry Martin and Bill Mann have been made the signatories on that account. In addition, Larry Martin has been added to the existing association checking account used for general business. Steps are in progress to remove Tom Wagner from the existing checking account, as he is no longer an officer of the association.

Emergency Fund: Larry Martin

Larry led the discussion about setting up an emergency fund to give us a cushion to be prepared for unforeseen expenses such as cleaning up potential milfoil infestations. Nancy suggested we call this a “Contingency Fund”.

It was decided that Bill, Keith, and Larry would discuss the matter offline to work out the details of how such a fund would be set up and managed. They will email the results of their discussion to the Board in anticipation of presenting the proposal to the ELPA Annual Meeting. Patti will put the Emergency/Contingency Fund item on the agenda for the Annual Meeting.

Grant Report: Keith Gee

Aquatic Nuisance Grant — We are waiting for the funds from the Aquatic Nuisance Grant, which was awarded.

Keith called Ann Bove of the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation. She informed him that the program is currently at a standstill, behind schedule due to the absence of two staff members, and all paperwork to actually get the grant is on hold. She is hoping that the paperwork will be ready in 2 weeks. We then have 40 days to respond with the Town’s signature and statement that we have performed the tasks we said we would, such as holding the Color Challenge.

Patti reminded us that one of the requirements to satisfy the grant is that we issue a press release. She will send the necessary wording to Keith for publication in the Chronicle.

Ann extended kudos to the ELPA for all that we have accomplished over the years.

Town Appropriation

ELPA makes an annual request of the Town of Charleston for inclusion in the Town Meeting. For 2017, Larry made a request for $1,000 to the Board of Selectmen for their approval to be added to the Town Warning.

As a recipient of last year’s town appropriation, Bill submitted a summary report regarding ELPA that appeared in the 2017 Town Report.

Access Greeter Report: Terry O’Brien

This year we have the same three employees as last. These employees also work for Seymour, where they earn $12 per hour. We currently pay $11 an hour. There was discussion about increasing the hourly rate to $12 to be in keeping with what other lakes are paying. Raising the rate to $12 will increase the annual cost for paid greeters to $840. We also discussed the $75 incentive that is shared among the three greeters. The incentive is paid for each instance where milfoil is detected on boats entering the lake.

It was moved and seconded to raise the pay to $12 and retain the $75.00 incentive. All in favor. Approved.

We currently have volunteers to cover Tuesdays at four hours each and Mondays at three hours each.

There was discussion about clothing for the greeters to wear to identify them as official state inspectors. Currently they wear yellow tee-shirts with the state logo on them. When the weather is inclement the greeters often wear outer jackets that cover the official tee-shirts. It was suggested that we provide windbreakers or sweatshirts, but cost was considered prohibitive. Nancy suggested that we ask the state to provide vests. There size would not be an issue and they could be put on over whatever protective clothing the greeters are wearing. Terry will forward that suggestion to the State at the Access Greeter training that is being held on June 9th,

There was a suggestion that members could order windbreakers with the Echo Lake logo at the Annual Meeting. In the past the best selling item has been a hat.   This idea is tabled for now.

Insurance/Access Greeter Payroll – Larry Martin

The Board has decided that ELPA should act as the direct employer of greeters. Up till now NorthWoods has acted as employer and handled the payroll. We have learned that there has been no Memorandum of Understanding between ELPA and NorthWoods, which is required to qualify for Workers’ Compensation coverage. Employing the greeters directly will save a little money in payroll costs and will ensure that we have adequate insurance.

Dave O’Brien of Noyle W. Johnson Insurance has agreed to handle our insurance coverage. This includes the liability insurance through The Cincinnati Insurance Company and the Workers Compensation insurance. Noyle W. Johnson has sponsored ELPA’s Color Challenge for several years and it seems like a good fit.

In setting up the Workers Compensation the Board has decided to exclude its officers from the Workers Compensation coverage. Each officer has signed an Application to Exclude. The state requires that a notarized copy of the Board minutes authorizing such exclusion be submitted together with the applications.

Motion was made and seconded to hold a special meeting to authorize the exclusion of Board members from Workers Compensation coverage. All in fav

There was some discussion about safety training for greeters, but no action was suggested.

Color Challenge Update: Patti Lennon

An article about the Color Challenge appears in the 2017 Spring Newsletter.

Patti will forward to Susan two more emails to be sent out

  • June 1 = Save the date
  • June 28 = Mark your calendar

Patti expects that we will earn about $4300 in this summer’s Color Challenge.

So far we have received $3,250 in cash donations from businesses. She is hopeful that we will match the $1,600 in entrance fees that we received last year with 160 entrants. 22 participants have already registered for this year’s run.

Charleston Elementary School/ Siskin Field Trip/Celebration Update: Jean Wilson

The final Celebration is tentatively scheduled for June 19th. Jean will get more information on the location and time.

There was discussion as to whether Amy Wagner has had any luck in being approved as a school volunteer. Susan will follow up with her.

Board Positions 2017/2018: Patti Lennon

Larry Martin, Jean Wilson, and Nancy Engels are reaching the end of their 1st term. Larry and Nancy have agreed to extend to a 2nd term. Jean will let the Board know in the next few days as to whether or not she can continue for a 2nd term.

Mike Vinton has resigned his position as a Board Member. Patti, Nancy, and Larry will reach out to other potential candidates. The hope is that we find a new board member who would be willing to take on the role of Treasurer in 2018 when Bill Mann’s term comes to an end. We would like the new board member to work with Bill as a trainee over the next year so that they are well prepared to pick up the reins.

Fund Raising: Patti Lennon

Echo Lake Map – Keeping this on the table. The map has not been updated for some time. At the last Board meeting we decided to update the map, listing new owners and new lots and make it available for sale. Jean Wilson can update names. There was discussion as to where we can get the digitized map. Keith offered that he and Laurie can work on this. Patti suggested that the map be taken to Memphremagog Press.

Membership: Larry Martin

Tom Wagner is the Chair of the Membership Committee and is planning a meeting. The Committee can focus on getting a list of those property owners who have paid membership dues and not. Bill, Jean, and Nancy will work on mailing the membership form to those who have not yet paid.

There was a discussion as to whether we should increase dues. It was suggested that we increase dues to $50 per family and $25 for individuals and for non-voting friends.

Motion made and seconded to bring the suggested increase to the 2017 Annual Meeting. All in favor. Approved.

Invasive Preparedness: Larry Martin

Larry gave a report on being prepared for milfoil. The conclusion is that we need to be prepared and will consider forming a task force to study options that may impact us if we are infested.  It was also decided that we will make a presentation at the annual meeting. 

Road Erosion Updates: Larry Martin

No change. No update. The work that was done last summer seems to be working as intended. There were a few minor washouts, and where they occurred those property owners fixed them themselves.

Proposed 2017 Association Dates: Patti Lennon

  • Tentatively, June 19th – Charleston Elementary School – Year end celebration of the Sisken Ecology Project
  • July 2nd – Color Challenge
  • July 22nd – Annual Meeting 9:00 AM at the Engels
  • August 12th – Annual Picnic There will be a band from 6:-00 to 8:00 PM at the cost of $240.00
  • September 9nd – Board Meeting


Adjourned: At 11:25

Submitted by: Susan Czerepak – June 20, 2017

2017 Balance Sheet

As of 5/27/2017 (Cash Basis)

Account 5/27/17
   Cash and Bank Accounts  
       ELPA Savings Account $31,948.27
       ELPA Checking Account $250.68
       Total Cash and Bank Accounts $32,198.95
   TOTAL ASSETS $32,198.95
   LIABILITIES $216.90
     PO Box Rental $52.00
     Color Challenge Expenses $164.90
   EQUITY $31,982.05

Income/Expense by Category – 2017

As of 5/27/2017 (Cash Basis)


Category 1/1/2017 – 5/27/2017 OVERALL TOTAL
CASH CARRIED FORWARD FROM 2016 $23,969.67 $23,969.67
   Dues $135.00 $135.00
   Donations $475.00 $475.00
   Color Challenge $3,350.00 $3,350.00
   Charleston Appropriation for 2016 $-   $-  
   Watershed Grant – 2016 2nd payment $-   $-  
   Aquatic Nuisance Grant – 2016 2nd payment $4,260.00 $4,260.00
   Aquatic Nuisance Grant – 2017 1st payment $-   $-  
   Interest from Savings $9.28 $9.28
   TOTAL INCOME $8,229.28 $8,229.28
   Payroll Costs $-   $-  
   Access Monitor Expenses $-   $-  
   Insurance $-   $-  
   Newsletter $-   $-  
   Postage $-   $-  
   Color Challenge Expenses $164.90 $164.90
   P.O. Box Rental – 1yr. $52.00 $52.00
   Annual Meeting $-   $-  
   Picnic $-   $-  
   NorthWoods $-   $-  
   FOVLAP $-   $-  
   VCE $-   $-  
   TOTAL EXPENSES $216.90 $216.90
INCREASE/(DECREASE) $8,012.38 $8,012.38