Blueberry Program

Blueberry Project

The Federation of Vermont Lakes and Ponds (FOVLAP) is a group of local lake and pond associations, individuals and others interested in promoting and maintaining the quality of the environment of, and the pleasure of living near and using Vermont’s lakes and ponds. FOVLAP encourages lake property owners to retain existing vegetation and to add natural vegetation to their shoreland, since this is the best and lowest cost approach to protecting lake health.

For the 2016 season,  the Echo Lake Protective Association is working in coordination with Spates Florist in Newport to make blueberry bushes available at discounted prices for our membership. We have had a good response and have already submitted an initial order to Spates for over 60 plants! Because of this interest Spates has extended the deadline for final orders until April 10th.  For details on the blueberry varieties available and instructions for ordering, see Blueberry Plant Sale.

For more information about the FOVLAP blueberry program, visit ==> Vermont Lakes Lakescaping/Resources.